Pack 'til They're Back!

Through the BackPack program, Feeding America and our member food banks provide backpacks full of nutritious food to children across the United States to take home on weekends and school vacations when other resources are not available.

Pack ‘til They’re Back! is specifically targeting the long Thanksgiving weekend, when students who qualify for free or reduced lunch when school is in session may be at risk of hunger over the long weekend.

According to the USDA, more than 16 million children are living in food insecure households. That means that more than one in five children (21.6 percent) live in food insecure households in the U.S. Proper nutrition is vital to the growth and development of children. Students need proper nourishment to do well in school and participate with their classmates in extracurricular activities.

Feeding America, through the help of 150 of its member food banks, provides more than 30 million meals to 230,000 children each year through the BackPack Program.

Everyone can make a difference in the lives of our nation’s children. Just find your local food bank or donate to Feeding America.